Posted by: rebeccajrobare | July 30, 2013

Some New Ideas

Cranky tonight. I was fine until I went on Facebook, where I saw an article about how the courts have decided that vaccines cause autism. I didn’t read much of the article; it had the gall to claim itself to be unbiased and then launched into several paragraphs lauding Andrew Wakefield as a persecuted hero.
Not much pisses me off more than this particular brand of bullshit. The thing I’ll note is that the poster is a nurse, which makes me realize something kind of terrifying: that when I have children who I take to the doctor, I will have to inquire about the vaccine status of the medical professionals in the office. Someone exposed to sick babies and not immune to measles, mumps, rubella, chicken pox? Not handling a child of mine!
Other than that, I won’t rant further, as I have done so before and I don’t need to drive my small collection of readers away by repeating myself. 🙂
Had another fatigue day yesterday, not quite as bad as Thursday. Got a doctor’s appointment, about which I have decided to be generous: the NP was concerned with yesterday, not the whole history of illness and fatigue that I drag around. It just means I need to put my head together with my GP about it, and if he thinks I’m crazy then I can go find someone who can help me feel better. I don’t care about a diagnosis except as far as it dictates the treatment; but I want to be well enough to work and take care of my home and eventually have a family.
I was going to go back to my story tonight, but I had such an interesting dream last night I want to put down the story idea it generated so I don’t forget it.
The story takes place in a dystopian future, advanced in technology but ravaged by war, so that the technology different groups have available can be very different. In this landscape, an educated young woman is sold into slavery. She does not know why, as no one other than herself should have property rights over her person, but it is a thing known to happen. (Slavery is not quite legal in the fragmented country, but it is practiced by those powerful enough that they do not worry about recognizing the law.
After several days in captivity, the woman is sold to a sort of pirate and trader who has a large ship that travels up and down a major river. The ship does not usually sail on the water, though it can, but instead hovers above it. She has been bought for the purpose of keeping the trade accounts, following the murder of the previous accountant, who was skimming. The story will chronicle the woman’s travels as she unravels the mystery of her bondage, wins her freedom, and becomes a major player in the land’s renewal.

After days of near-darkness, the red evening light was harsh on my eyes as I was led out onto the pier. I pushed my filthy hair out of my eyes and watched the approach of a small barge carrying several men. One stood tall in the prow, an imposing figure with cut muscles in his chest and arms, easily apparent because of the sleeveless vest he wore. His mustaches were waxed precisely, and he wore a single earring in his right ear. This would be Captain Zhou, then, the famed pirate lord who, I had been informed, would be purchasing me.
I fingered the leather collar around my neck until a sharp jerk on the attached rope caused me to stagger. So far slavery had meant a night of terror and three days of squalid darkness, and I was most certainly not accustomed to it, nor did I intend to be. There had been, I was sure, some mistake that had led to my kidnapping instead of some intended target, and someone could surely be persuaded to seek a judgment against the slave-trader to secure my release, or else pay the price required to purchase my freedom. Until I could seek aid, however, I was forced to tolerate whatever ills were forced on me.
Zhou stepped onto the pier, followed by a slender man in a fine coat, and a barrel chested man carrying a gun and a sword. Others sat in the barge to wait. The slave trader gestured stiffly with his right hand, as though he had intended to offer Zhou a handshake and thought better of it. Instead he bowed awkwardly, and babbled.
“This is the one I promised you, my lord, skilled in keeping records and accounts.” Had I been targeted, then? And was that me, specifically, or just someone with my skills?
Zhou looked me up and down, then jerked his head. The slender man came forward, taking something out of his satchel. He took my left wrist, stretched my arm out, and jabbed the needle of a bio-scanner into my vein. I could not see the results as they came up on the screen, but he pronounced me “clean”, and handed over a wallet to the slave trader. The rope tied to my collar was given to the slender man in exchange, and I was led into the barge and pressed to my knees. We rowed off with Zhou again standing in the prow and the other pirates sitting ahead of the four rowers, and me on my knees between them. Thus I began my life as a slave, at twilight on the twenty-seventh day of July, 2134.


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