Posted by: rebeccajrobare | July 25, 2013

The Spice Must Flow

I’m sorry I haven’t posted for a few days, O handful of readers. I spent the last several days increasingly tired, and woke today with insurmountable fatigue and achy muscle pain all over my body. It was a flu-like feeling but without flu’s other symptoms. The act of dressing required more spoons* than I had available to me, and I very reluctantly called out of work sick. I always wrestle with guilt and fear in these circumstances, but sometimes there’s not much to do but stay in bed.
Fortunately I have good pals, many of whom have had pain and fatigue problems of their own. Today’s “flare-up” isn’t related to any medical condition I know about (I’m well aware that doesn’t preclude having a condition that hasn’t been diagnosed yet), but the practices and attitudes that get my friends through days of lupus, fibromyalgia, and chronic pain helped me today.
I took a hot bath with Epsom salts. I did lovingkindness meditation. I rested in bed and forgave myself for it. Then I tried something I read about a little while ago, and figured that it couldn’t hurt.
Turmeric is a spice that is said to have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. The research on it seems to be fairly credible, with there being some scientific confirmation of the information on natural-health websites. I tried a recipe of turmeric, cinnamon, and honey in heated almond milk. It was tasty, a little bitter, a little sweet. As I drank it, a feeling of calm and clarity came over me, and I began to feel more comfortable. After 12 ounces of the stuff, I was in much less pain, felt hungry, and had enough energy that I was able to cook a simple meal. Either the turmeric milk is the best anti-inflammatory I’ve ever encountered, or it was the best placebo effect I’ve ever encountered. Not that I care too much either way, right now! I’m too pleased about feeling better.
I intend to continue to experiment with turmeric, to see if my body continues to like it as much as it did tonight. If it is really this good, I may make it a daily part of my diet. Please remember, while reading this, that your mileage may vary; any medicine, herb, or food that works very well for one may be neutral to another and harmful to a third. And while I’m working hard at becoming the expert on my body and what it needs, I am not an expert on bodies in general. (I’m good with brains, but more in a lab sense than medicine sense.)

*Spoons = a metaphor for the resources one has to get through everyday life while dealing with chronic illness and/or pain. Google “spoon theory” or visit for more information.


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