Posted by: rebeccajrobare | July 13, 2011

Concluding a contract

My first contract as a science writer is officially ended. I can report that my supervisor is very happy with what I produced, and I have a good writing sample (Writing Sample II on the site) and a reference. It feels good to be finished with something on such a positive note — to have a real success in my professional life and to know there is something I can do really well, that draws on my education and skills, and doesn’t make me ill. On the other hand, I am very nervous about being unemployed again, and I’m going to be making a push to find work, in this field, as fast as I can. I do have some solid plans to help with this, including joining the National Association of Science Writers, which has its own members-only job board. I’ll also be eligible to apply for government-sponsored insurance for people with pre-existing conditions, come August 1. That will help – it will be a big relief to have insurance again, especially if I end up freelancing, which isn’t particularly what I want to do but may be the reality of the situation. But my goal is full time science writing work, if I can find it.



  1. Good luck on the next, very exciting, stage of your professional life. I’ll keep my ears open and send out feelers.

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