Posted by: rebeccajrobare | July 12, 2011


This morning, for my current writing assignment, I conducted an experiment in Visio, or rather, OpenOffice Draw, which is similar. I made a diagram of some brain areas, which needed to be drawn by hand, scanned in, modified as a jpeg in Paint, and then finished in Visio. This was entirely too complicated, and I wish I’d been able to find a public domain image with the information I needed. Maybe I’ll look some more later (for the moment, done was taking precedence over perfect). My other diagram, a timeline, came out rather well, I think. A timeline is composed of straight lines and text, and Draw seems to be much better at those things than, for example, making connecting arrows the exact length they need to be. I’m obviously not a power user, but I can now claim to feel comfortable doing simple diagrams in Draw/Visio and that’s a useful skill.


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