Posted by: rebeccajrobare | June 23, 2011

Hello world!

Hello, world! I’m a blog!

All right, that’s a bit silly. But this is a blog, and I hope you’ll enjoy reading it. You’ll find my professional information here, along with a portfolio of things I’ve written. You’ll also find my personal blog, which will be about science, writing, and recovery, since those are my three major activities.

Science: My PhD is in Psychology/Cognitive Neuroscience. I love science and try to keep up with the various sciences as much as possible. In this blog, I will write about some science topics and the way that science is presented in the media.

Writing: My current employment is as a Science Writer, and I adore it. I’m redacting my actual work, because it’s proprietary to the company I work for, but I’ll talk about the activities surrounding that work. I also work on my own projects, and you’ll see information about those here as well.

Recovery: Much of the past few years of my life have revolved around my struggles with migraines and depression. Recently I discovered that I am gluten-intolerant, and this has been a major turning point for me. I’m healthier, more energetic, and have been dropping the weight that I’ve added in the last five years or so. I don’t expect all my problems to go away, but excluding wheat from my diet has been closer to a panacea than I ever hoped to find. The third thing I will write about on this blog is my journey through these illnesses and, I hope, back to health.

I’ll have more for you shortly. In the meantime, welcome to my site. I hope you find something of interest here.


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